About us

ORO Pervalka Vila is not only a home away from home, but also the opportunity for cozy and comfortable time in the harmony of the Curonian lagoon and nature.


What is “ORO”? It is the idea, that relaxation should liberate and inspire.

It is an opportunity to walk down the forest path without knowing where it leads, or to run along the sandy beach because you want to, but not because you have to.

We remind the things that many people often forget during their everyday life. We remind that there is an inherent right to personal freedom, the fact, that sometimes it is not mandatory to run somewhere, there is no need to rush, it is acceptable to not to do anything…

Relax. With “ORO”, all your worries will dissolve here and the time will flow just for You.

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Adress: geologų g. 16, LT-02190, Vilnius

Adress for correspondence : Smolensko g. 5, LT-03202 Vilnius

Phone: +370 5 210 6539

Fax: +370 5 210 6543

E-mail: info@valdos.eu

Code: 300634954

VAT Code: LT 100003223011


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